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BASSCO Canti-wheel Conveyor Assemblies
The Canti-wheel assembly rolls allow the conveyor belt to change the angle of inclination. This combines a foot or flange mounted idler with a dual webbed wheel.

Features & Benefits

* Higher Tonnage Loads : can be handled by the robust design.
* Cost Effective Solution : versus the conventional style of deflector wheel.
* OSHA Friendly : arrangement that eliminate the shaft that spans across normal deflector wheels, and is easier to guard.


The BRITCO Belt Beater Increases Belt Life
The BRITCO Belt Beater has been designed to work on the return or "clean" side of flexible sidewall or conventional troughed belts.

Features & Benefits:
* Heavy duty wall rollers rotate around a main shaft at approximately 600 RPM.
* Mounted behind the head pulley, rollers impact the belt causing the material to loosen and fall from the belt.
* Works on the back of the belt where the cover is thin.
* Increases belt life due to roller contact and not bars that can "scrub" the belt and cause the cover to wear.
* Designed to handle belt widths over 42´ without incurring excessive loading on the beater rolles bearings.
* Universal Mount Drive Package now available including motor and v-belt drive, is now available

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