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At BRITCO Manufacturing, Inc. we use engineered products and services to provide our customers with the best solutions to their conveyor material handling applications. We are focused on developing cost effective and technologically advanced products, specifically designed for optimum conveyor performance.

* Eliminate carryback, material spillage and dust in the conveyor transfer points.
* Insure proper conveyor belt tracking throughout the system.
* Provide products, services and recommendations that solve problems for better overall conveyor performance.

Combined with our national network of distributors, we can provide you with custom engineering and design to meet your specific conveyor needs, along with installation and maintenance programs that will streamline your operation by increasing production up time and lowering costs. Together we are part of a coordinated implementation team focused on insuring your success
Conveyor Engineering

BRITCO provides complete transfer point design using our discrete element methods, 3-DEM. Discrete Element Methods (DEM) is a revolutionary way to handle granular and particulate material problems through computer simulation (read the case study 3-DEM Solves a Major Transfer Chute Problem). This can be used for complete turnkey installations for new and or existing conveyor retrofits, specializing in:

Increased Production Capabilities
* Stop conveyor chute plugging, spillage, belt wear, chute wear, and dust
* Optimize Life on Conveyor Belt and Components
* Minimize impact and top cover wear on the conveyor belt by using a curved chute or soft loading design
* Reduce impact and abrasion to chute liners and conveyor components

Minimize Material Spillage, Dust and Noise
* Center load the material
* Load the material at a uniform rate and speed the belt is moving
* Optimize material flow in the direction of travel and load the material after the belt is fully troughed
* Maintain conveyor belt alignment throughout the load zone.
* Optimize belt cleaner design to match the performance needed to reduce carry back

Reduce the Need for Dust Control and Suppression
* Minimize the dust through a curved chute or soft loading design
* Effective skirting and internal wear and impact resistant chute liners
* Maintain dust curtains staggered throughout the loading area to further minimize air movement
* Minimize impact of bulk materials

BRITCO is focused on finding the best solution to any transfer point problem or challenge. We can develop a customized version of our standard products that will solve the challenge of increased productivity and overall costs. We?d rather help you avoid emergencies by allowing our Engineering and Consulting Services to examine your operation and pinpoint the trouble spots that are likely to disrupt your conveyor system. A program of planned and scheduled maintenance can avert many breakdowns. Our program?s goal is to service the equipment properly at the lowest cost. We can also provide:

* Standard, certified CAD engineering drawings
* Performance and application recommendations
* Component specification
* Drawing and design review and recommendations
* Interface control documentation
* Extensive application experience and references

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