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We select and train our employees very thoroughly, because capable workers form the core of a successful team.
Each of our employees are trained to think and act in the long-term best interests of our customer. And so, they often perform above and beyond the standard call-of-duty.

Prompt, reliable emergency service is all in a days work for BRITCO employees. And thats any day you can name  Sundays, holidays, even Christmas. Whenever one of your key pieces of equipment goes down, you and your operation need help NOW. And thats what BRITCO promises: NOW service.

* Experienced MSHA certified field and service technicians are available 24/7/365 days a year to help keep your conveyor systems running like new.
* On-Site and On-Time Fabrication and Completion are essential in any installation to shorten the schedule and minimize costly downtime.
* The significance of ensuring safety in the workplace has always been a priority of BRITCO and their patented line of Conveyor Safety Equipment delivers safety, versatility as well as rock solid construction.
* Field crew members undergo rigorous in-house and factory splice training resulting in an ideal splice for all belt constructions. We work safely  all crews are certified to MSHA parts 46 and 48B, OSHA 10 and 30 where appropriate

Conveyor Installation Projects Conveyor Belt Splicing, Vulcanization, and Installation:
* Conveyor belt installation and splicing
* High-tension steel cord splicing
* Conveyor belt refurbishing and slitting
* Turnkey conveyor belt change-outs
* Mechanical belt fasteners and repairs
* Bucket elevator conveyor belts
* On-site conveyor belt repair and reconditioning

Conveyor Component Installations and Maintenance Services:
* Conveyor Belt Cleaners
* Skirting Systems
* Conveyor Impact Beds
* Conveyor Belt Idlers  troughing, return and training
* Conveyor Pulley Lagging
* Gear Boxes and Drive Assemblies

Chute and Conveyor Wear Linings
Installed on-site and in place
* Rubber, Ceramic, AR Steel, Overlay Plate, Stainless, Basalt, Tivar, etc.

Laser Alignment Services
Accurately analyze the alignment of all the components and structure of the conveyor. We can then re-align the components to have a better running conveyor system.

Transfer Point Design and Conveyor Chute Improvements
3-DEM and Flo-Control  engineering design, fabrication and installation services.

Dust Control
Services to improve and help eliminate dust in and around the conveyor systems through proper containment, suppression and collection systems.

Pulley Lagging
* Installed in place on the conveyor system or at our shop.
* Ceramic or Rubber Pulley Lagging

Screens & Crushers
Designed to screen, sort and segregate material efficiently and quickly. The toughest, most versatile and efficient screens available.

Custom Conveyor Maintenance and Training Programs
Designed specifically for your plant and needs.

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USA: Fern Park 32730 - Florida
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